It does not matter what you want to fish for what you are hoping to catch regardless if you are a rookie or seasoned angler. Children are welcome, our crew takes special care with children to be sure they have fun and catch fish too

About Our Vessels

Our vessels consist of two vessels certified for over six passengers, the beautiful 51 foot custom built yacht Gulfstream II, also the Gulfstream a 40 foot custom built both US Coast Guard inspected and certified vessels. Our trips depart from Clearwater Marina on Clearwater Beach and typically, travel between 10 to 30 miles offshore into the Gulf of Mexico providing for a memorable deep-sea adventure, longer trips can go up to 100 miles offshore.

All boats are clean and comfortable 2 have air conditioning and heat providing premium comfort year round. All have interior cabins to get out of the elements, we have comfortable seating, resting bunks, and of course bathroom including spacious fishing decks, chairs, live bait wells, Two of the vessels have a shade canopy on deck to protect you from the summer sun or occasional sprinkle. Our three vessels can accommodate small or large groups, 6 passengers up to 35. (Corporate charters up to 100.)


We have charters of 4 hour, 5 hours, six hours, 8 hours, 10 and 12 hours.


We furnish the bait, fishing rods, and tackle, ice, large communal coolers and fishing licenses.


US Coast Guard inspected for safety, latest fish finding electronics, Radar, Ship to shore radios, AC/Heat. Bait, tackle, licenses included.

US Coast Guard inspected and certified vessels

We are US Coast Guard inspected and certified vessels can get you out there and back safely where the fun and the action is! Our vessels are fully licensed, insured and USCG inspected and our crew is drug tested. Make sure the company you choose has regular USCG safety inspections. Look for a full time fisherman, they know the waters and better and where the fish usually are, fishing everyday. They will tend to keep better track of fish movements than part-timers. Owning, managing and maintaining our own fishing boats here on a daily basis, our level of service and dedication has earned us the reputation as the areas top charter fishing company. Are you looking to go out on a fishing excursion with top quality service and equipment? Look no further we offer multiple charter options and three fine fishing machines. You can trust your family with us.

Client safety is our main priority

Not all charter boats are created equal; you want to be sure you and your family are chartering a safe boat and reputable company for your fishing adventure. Client safety is our main priority and our crew is top notch. We also book our own charters to avoid booking services that will take hefty fees up front, don’t know your name or what kind of boat they put you on. Save money by avoiding those “online” booking companies service fees “deposit up front”…..go directly to the boat owner’s website or to the dock to see what you are getting for your money. Consider this, don’t just shop for price as you may find yourself on an old worn out boat just to save a buck. Take a couple of minutes just by giving us a call or go on our website and book directly. Our customer’s safety is our main priority then satisfaction, cleanliness and of course catching fish.

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