Gulfstream Charters

Since 1974

Gulfstream Fishing Vessels business started in 1974 when we found a small charter boat for sale.  Captain Maxie Foster, a seasoned skipper and highly respected fishing boat captain since 1954 with expert fishing knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico fishing from Key West to Mexico. After working in the fishing industry commercial fishing, running charter boats and huge party boats for 20 years he decided it was time to captain his own ship.  Captain Maxie and his wife Captain Suzanne successfully chartered out of Clearwater, Fl. for several years with this little boat until they saw the opportunity to upgrade to a larger vessel and named her the Gulfstream.

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As Time Grew, So Did We.

As time passed they saw the need for a larger, more comfortable, faster and safer charter fishing boat, the idea for the Gulfstream II was born. The Gulfstream II is a beautiful custom yacht built by Ross Yacht in Clearwater, FL; she was built by the US Coast Guard regulations for Safety, it has been said we are the “Gold Standard” for safety She can comfortably fish 12 to 15 passengers.  This vessel has not let us down; she has fished charter and commercial fishing and done the job well.  After several years the fleet has grown to three successful fishing vessels, the Gulfstream, Gulfstream II and Gulfstream III.

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